Up The Ante

Up The Ante



An impossible close up, parlor or stage Mentalism routine! The performer introduces three different colored poker chips and an instruction card for a card game that involves guessing how many cards your opponents have, as well as the color of their secretly selected poker chips.

He explains that being a Mentalist gives him an unfair advantage in games like this.

Each player is invited to select one of three different colored poker chips and a secret number of cards. This selection process can be done while the performer's back is turned, or done out of sight under the table. The poker chips and cards remain hidden under the table or in the participant’s pockets. The performer doesn’t turn around until the selection process is complete.

When the performer turns around, with no questions and no fishing, amazingly the performer knows exactly how many cards each participant has, as well as the color of their poker chips!

This looks like you are using electronics!

  • No questions asked

  • No fishing

  • No dual reality

  • No stooges

  • No feedback at all from the spectators — they never have to say a word!

  • Nothing is gimmicked

Includes PDF instructions, specially printed “instrcution card” and three different colored poker chips.

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