The Wallet Organizer - Instant Download

The Wallet Organizer - Instant Download


It’s like a close-up case for your wallet!!

So, you want to carry some “special” items in your wallet…sw**i gimmicks, IT l**ps, wax, bent coins, etc.

Well, if you’ve had trouble keeping these things organized – this is the answer!

The Wallet Organizer is a 5 pocket (4 small – 1 large) organizer that fits in any wallet and securely holds the items that always seem difficult to organize in your wallet.

The best part is it takes only a few minutes to construct, and costs pennies to make.

This is a practical tool for all mentalists and magicians. It will keep all of you items neatly organized and ready to go...and will prevent them from falling out of your wallet!

What you get is a PDF for a do-it-yourself wallet organizer that's very useful and very easy to make. Just print a page, some cutting and gluing and you’re done!!

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