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The best close up and pocket Mentalism and Magic

"Love it!" — Michael Weber

“The Unfolding is very direct I love it." –Michael Murray

"Paul's cards are sweet!" — Ran Pink

"These are wonderful(Test Conditions and Symbolism). They look genuine and innocent but are loaded to the hilt with powerful mind-magic!" — Ben Harris

"I like these cards in my wallet!" — Andrew Gerard

“It's a great treat to welcome such a creative mind into the fold and I look forward to many more clever creations from a very clever thinker.”  — Gerry Hennesey

 “a flexible assortment of quick, strong demonstrations that can be done individually or together(Test Conditions)”

Joshua Quinn

 “The wallet cards are excellent and I highly recommend them” — Bob Cassidy

“Very usable stuff and highly recommended…” — Christopher Taylor

 “Very nice! ...this  (The Unfolding)is a really effective and clever use of (this principle)…” — Joshua Quinn



“That’s one of the best wallet peeks I’ve ever seen!”(speaking of the Annihilation Wallet) — Ted Karmilovich

“One of the nicest uses for (this principle) I have seen...very nice concept. “ (speaking of Dreamweaver)— Banachek

“WOW! So many great ideas you have Paul. I carry your mental magic with me every shelf stuff it is.” — Jeff McBride

“I like what you have done with it(The Unfolding). Keep up the good work. Like me, you manage to squeeze all the juice out of an idea and even then, there's still more to be had …” —Larry Becker

“It’s my favorite “Carnazzo (Lexicology)” wallet card.” — Ran Pink

 “This will bring a smile to your face as soon as you look at the card.” — Joshua Quinn

 “Everything Paul puts out is gold”. — Gerry Hennesey

"this(Dreamweaver) will bring a smile to your face as soon as you look at the card..." — Joshua Quinn

“The Unfolding is really f@#kin cool” – Ran Pink

"This is sweet! So clever and using a principle that is close to my heart!" — Ben Harris