Readings Between the Lines

Readings Between the Lines


If you love giving readings, or want to get more into it, or simply enjoy exploring various Oracles: Tarot, Runes, Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, etc. then this system is for you!

This is a reading system using a single card that is used in various ways to give accurate readings. The card is given to the sitter after the reading as a memento of the experience (which is a detail that is usually lacking form most readings).

The card is used in three basic ways to give readings: Fold Readings, in which the sitter makes a series of folds, which the reader then interprets – Doodle Readings, where the sitter doodles on the card, which the reader then interprets – Ash Readings, where the sitter writes down a concern, wish, etc. on a separate piece of paper which is burned, and the ashes are sprinkled onto the card and interpreted (similar to Tea Leaf Readings)

“Readings Between the Lines” is great for those who are proficient at giving readings and are looking for another system that they can use in any situation, as well as those who only have a basic understanding of readings and are looking for a simple system to use to hone their skills.

(Note that a basic knowledge of readings is assumed, and are not explained…only the basics of using the card are explained)

What you get:

A PDF explaining how to use the card for the various systems listed above. The PDF contains the images to print your own cards.

A bonus item called “The Path Less Traveled”, which is another reading system that can be done completely impromptu. In “The Path Less Traveled”, the reader draws a simple sketch and asks the sitter some basic questions regarding their perception of the sketch. The sitter’s answers are then interpreted into an accurate reading.

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