The performer explains that mind reading is only one of his specialties; he can also help those around him to have a heightened sense of intuition.

He displays his clenched fist, and explains that it contains an item that will remain unseen for now, but after the participant’s decisions are made, it will serve as proof that their intuition was, indeed, heightened. An example of a typical performance follows:

“Tina, another thing that I do is use the power of the mind to guide others in the decisions that they make. I have something in my hand (displays clenched right fist), you’re going to use your intuition to determine what it is. Before we attempt this, I‘d like you to place your left hand over my fist. Good, hopefully you’ll be able to pick up on some signals from the item I’m holding.

As impossible as it seems, you’re going to use your intuition to determine what this item is. For this to work, we’re going to need a little luck!

Imagine that I have a handful of coins. You’ll need one to be your lucky coin, so just toss one over your shoulder, just like you would toss some salt over your shoulder for good luck. Ok, perfect. Which coin did you toss? A quarter? Great. That will be your lucky coin. Now image you can see that coin behind you, did it land heads or tails? Tails? Ok, now you have an important decision to make…do you want to change your mind? No? Are you sure? Ok, just remember that you had the chance!

Remember, I was trying to guide your decisions with the object in my hand, and you were trying to use your intuition to determine what this object is. Your lucky coin is a quarter, and it was tails up. In my hand I have my lucky coin… (performer opens his hand) it is also a quarter that is tails up!”

“Quite simply, this is the best take on the Positive/Negative theme I've seen, hands-down. If you want to predict which imaginary coin someone will pick and which way she'll say it lands, then in my opinion, this is how you do it. Full stop, end of story. Max, Kenton, Scott, Bryn, all the others whose versions I've tried... you had some nice ideas. I even had a couple myself that I thought were pretty good. This one buries us all. I'm done thinking about the problem now, because this is the solution.”

Joshua Quinn

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