The Lineup

The Lineup


The Lineup is a stunning close up Mentalism showpiece!

The year was 1950, the Boston Police had a special tool for solving crimes…Detective Thomas Duffy. During his years in Boston, Detective Duffy solved many crimes. Some people say he was psychic, but he didn’t believe in psychics. He considered himself to be simply highly intuitive. He was, however, highly superstitious, and would always carry a coin with him…his lucky coin. Rumor has it that he was able to solve crimes by simply looking at a group of suspects and holding this lucky coin. Many believe that the coin would “talk” to him and “tell” him who was guilty.

It is believed that anyone holding this coin would have the same vision as he did.

“Let’s put this to the test” states the performer.

A mugshot is displayed, the actual name of this perpetrator was not known at the time of his arrest due to lack of proper ID. The mug shot never leaves the sight of the participant.

While holding the lucky coin, the participant mentally chooses a name from a list of over a dozen suspects pertaining to this case. She is shown some police lineup records from the 50’s pertaining to this case, and she recreates a lineup in her mind while holding the coin, to confirm that she feels this suspect is indeed the guilty party (if not, she can select another name).

She is asked some other details about the crime and is surprisingly able to answer them correctly.

When the mug shot is turned over there is a printed label attached to it bearing one name…the very name the participant mentally selected!

The following is true of “The Lineup”:

· The participant does not need to say the name they’ve selected in advance, yet the name on the back of the mug shot will always match their mentally selected name

· Nothing written down

· Only one mugshot photo is in play, and never leaves the sight of the audience

· No force of the name

· Handcrafted props

What you get:

· PDF instruction manual

· A mugshot record card

· A file card of potential suspects in the case

· 4 Lineup record files

· One envelope to store everything

· And, of course, the “special something” to make the effect work

Note that the handcuffs and the coin in the photo are NOT included! Any coin (or another type of “amulet”) can be used.

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