FIT - Coin Through Ring

FIT - Coin Through Ring


Performed by Chris James

Imagine borrowing a coin and a ring and asking one of your spectators to push the coin through the ring...they can verify for themselves – the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

With just a little imagination, the performer defies physics and visually pushes the coin through the ring directly in front of the spectator's faces!

This is a stunningly visual penetration of solid metal through solid metal.

The coin and ring can be immediately returned to the spectator who can again verify that the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

FIT includes a gimmicked quarter and a gimmicked nickel to fit a variety of finger rings. With these two coins you can use finger rings ranging from women’s size 5 to men’s size 12 1/2.

Some sleight of hand required to perform as shown in the video.



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"This is an unusual penetration which has an impromptu feel about it. The visual aspect is very strong and when you can borrow all the objects it makes it that much stronger. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"The props are well made and should hold up to normal use. I like this trick and would recommend it to any amateur, intermediate, or professional magician. It would work well for walk around, closeup, or restaurant venues." -Arnie Levin, Linking Ring Magazine

"It's easy to carry, decidedly different, and a puzzling presentation." -Danny Orleans, Genii Magazine

"Get in front of the mirror and start doing it and you go - hang on that actually looks really, really good- and it looks open and magical..." -David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews

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