BirthRight - by Ran Pink and Paul Carnazzo


What is BirthRight?

BirthRight goes beyond Zodiac Divination and allows you to know the most important day of your participant’s life…their birthday!

BirthRight is a tool you will carry with you wherever you go! Imagine being able to divine anyone’s birthday at any time.

BirthRight is a perfect tool for giving transformative personality readings and allows you to seal the deal when you reveal the participant’s exact birthday. Nothing is written down and the participant makes no mathematical calculations and they don’t even have to speak until you reveal their birthday.

BirthRight was designed to look like it came from the Psychic Bookstore or New Age shop and can actually be used as a handy reference card for beginners in the field of Astrological readings.

The BirthRight Card is a physical 100% plastic card that will be shipped to you, and a download link of the PDF instruction manual will be emailed to you instantly.

· Reveal Zodiac signs

· Reveal Birthdays or any thought of dates

· Built in reading system

· No Pre-show

· No Dual Reality

· Nothing written down

· Only one card is used and is freely handled by the participant

· Card is 100% plastic and extremely durable

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