The Annihilation Wallet

The Annihilation Wallet


The Annihilation Wallet is an all purpose mentalism wallet that is designed to be your everyday wallet.

Some of the features are:

· Perhaps the most deceptive peek ever!

· Dedicated business card slot

· One 9 pocket “billet” sized index

· 8 playing card sized pockets — use as storage or an index

· S.U.C. (Sight Unseen Case) Feature — Approved by Mark Strivings!

· Loading slot (loads to a zippered compartment)

· Zippered compartment is perfect for storing lots of mentalism/magic items

· Plenty of room for all of your business cards, wallet mentalism cards, photos, and other mentalism items.

The Annihilation wallet is made of quality black Nappa leather, and includes an instructional DVD.

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